Sunday, July 6, 2008

38-ק "Haifa" (ex-"Ibrahim el Awal")

Scratch built model in 1:100 scale.

British Hunt-I class escort destroyer HMS Mendip.
Transferred to China May 1948 and renamed Lin Fu. Reposessed after the Yangtze around June 1949 and re-commissioned with the ships company of HMS Consort. Sold to the Egyptian Navy becoming Mohamed ali-El-Kebir on 15 November 1949, renamed Ibrahim-El-Awal later in 1951.
Capturing the Egyptian flagship, the "Ibrahim el-Awal", on the night of 30-31 October, 1956. This was the crowning achievement of the Israel Navy during the Sinai Campaign. The destroyer's crew were taken prisoner and the vessel was towed to Haifa port, where it was refitted and commissioned as the third destroyer in the Israel Navy, under the name INS "Haifa". The first commander of the ship was Ruven Sadnai.

Model by Igor Cherniak for CORAL Maritime Service Ltd.

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